Almažan Kitchen is a YouTube channel created by a Serbian duo Boban Almažan and Aleksandar Almažan. They are uncle and nephew respectively. Both are coming from Paraćin, city in a Central Serbia. They created YouTube channel in 2015 with the premise of cooking in the nature, without narrating, just with the sounds of making food in nature. Show became instant success… Currently they have 2.7 million subscribers and currently are the most popular YouTube channel from Serbia.


Most of their filming equipment is unknown and never mentioned in the videos. We tried contacting them through e-mail but they simply ignored us. List below are our guesses and might not be correct.


In the beginning of their career Almazan Kitchen used the Canon 700D camera. Some time after they moved to Sony mirrorless model, Sony A9 with the 24-70 Canon lens, for which they use adapter. Aleksandar also uses Canon 5D Mark IV in lots of their videos. For the drone videos they use GoPro 6 Hero Black.


For catching audio, Almazan duo is using Rode VideoMic Pro +.

Field Monitor

Almazan Kitchen is one of the rare channels that utilize field monitor. They use Aputure VS-2 Fine HD Monitor.


Their utensils are mostly of unknown brands. However, they have specific custom-made knife and cutting board. Both of those can be exclusively ordered from their FB page or their web site. Over the time, many copies appeared on the market, which looks exactly the same, or mimic the same look and feel.

We also saw in one video that they have grill plate produced by Croatian company Rapid Virovitica.

Income and Net Worth

Almazan Kitchen never discussed or declared how big is their YouTube income. It is almost impossible to predict it due some subtle sponsorships they have, so as sales of their merchandise such as premium cutting boards and knives.

SocialBlade site estimate that their income is somewhere between $2.1K and $33.6K monthly. We estimate that the number is somewhere around $8.000 per month.

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