anoASMR (anothink) – Bio and Equipment


anoASMR is a Spanish YouTuber, animator and an ASMR artist. He was born on March 25, 1998 in Barcelona where he also currently lives.

Before starting his ASMR career, he did some animation tasks for PewDiePie and Ruben Gundersen.

Although he had lots of equipment and microphones on his disposable back in 2014, he didn’t began working with ASMR until 2016. After creating channel and publishing first videos he immediately began trending among Spanish YouTube viewers. From there his videos went viral to the rest of the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) scene.

His ASMR channel currently has almost 600.000 subscribers, while his main animation and vlog channel “anothink” has nearly 400.000 subscribers.


As an amateur film maker and animator, he began collecting various equipment from early age. Here are the bits and pieces we collected about his gear.


Ano has couple of microphones. His main YouTube microphone is Blue Yeti and he has two of those, but he also has Rode Video Mic.


For some of his video he used Canon 600D camera. He also has Canon 80D DSLR and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera.


Ano uses Apple iMac for video editing, but he also has unspecified Windows PC.


anoASMR uses Noblechair Epic gaming chair.

Income and Net Worth

SocialBlade site estimates that he gets anywhere between $748 – $12K monthly on his “anoASMR” channel, they also estimate that he gets additional $51 – $815 monthly from his “anothink” YouTube channel.

Our estimates are that from “anoASMR” he has somewhere around $2.500 per month, and from “anothink” channel somewhere around $150 per month.

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