ASMR Barber – Bio, Microphone and Camera


Massimo Tarantelli better known as ASMR Baber is an Italian YouTuber and ASMR artist.  Beside ASMR career he is the automation engineer and a programmer. Massimo was born in Abruzzo in 1982. Currently he lives in Chieti, Italia.

After high school, Massimo finished Computer and Automation Engineering on University of L’Aquila. While on university he spent one year in Glasgow as an exchange student.

Although his channel dates back to 2007, he didn’t upload anything until 2014 when published video named “Turkish barber shave and haircut straight razor”. Video eventually went viral and reached 2.2 million views.

After the success with initial video ASMR Barber went on to record his every haircut and shaving in barber shops and upload it to YouTube. Channel started growing instantly, mainly because his ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) when compared to other artists, was unintentional.

He began traveling the world and taking shaves on various places. He even began collaborating with Baba The Cosmic Barber and ASMR Anil Cakmak TV.

Massimo married his girlfriend Eliana Lei in 2017 and they’ve got daughter Vittoria in January 2019.

He lived in Scotland, Kenya, China and Italy. Massimo speaks English and Italian. In the free time he is a soccer referee.



ASMR Barber does not have any special sound recording setup. In a few videos we can see that he uses Rode microphones mounted on a camera, specifically Rode Videomic Pro and Rode Videomic Go models.


In Massimo videos we can see few cameras. While he was in Vietnam we can see the Sony A7III mirrorless full frame camera. On some older videos while he was in India we can see that he used Canon 77D APS-C DSLR camera.


We do know that he uses Manfrotto tripods, though we are not sure about specific models.

Income and Net Worth

In an interview for the Business Insider back in the 2018, Massimo said that his ASMR Barber channel nets around $2000 monthly.

We estimate that, since his number of views doubled in 2019, he earns now somewhere around $4000 per month.

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