ASMR Cherry Crush – Camera and Microphones


Cherry Crush is an American pornstar, Youtuber, and ASMR artist. She was born on July 9, 1990 in Miamy, Florida, USA where she also currently lives.

Her real name is unknown. Her father is from England and mother is from USA. Her education is unknown, but in one video she mentioned that she is homeschooled.

Cherry Crush first job was in beauty industry, but due the low wage she started working on adult cam sites. She began with ASMR career in 2012 and is one of the first ASMR artists on YouTube. Eventually she merged video and sound editing skills with her adult work and created private membership web site where she posts her personal adult clips regularly.

Currently she has almost 743k subscribers on YouTube, 434k followers on Instagram and 2615 backers on Patreon.

Critics claim she is popular only because of her adult work (good look) not because of her ASMR career.

Cherry Crush is 5’2” (157 cm) tall and her weight is 106 lbs (48 kg). Her favorite kind of music is Jazz and she travels a lot. She has a cat.


Cherry Crush uses lots of equipment in her videos. She never listed gear she has anywhere, but we watched dozen of her clips and compiled this list.


In older videos of her we can see that she used to use Blue Yeti USB microphone. In newer videos she uses 3Dio FS XLR binaural mic.

She has two recorders, Tascam DR-05 and Tascam DR-40.


Cherry Crush uses Canon PowerShot G7X as a travel camera and Canon 70D DSLR with kit lens as her YouTube camera.


She uses Fancierstudio lighting kit from Amazon.

Computer / Laptop

Specs of Cherry computer are unknown.

Income / Net Worth

ASMR Cherry Crush never disclosed how much does she earn from YouTube or her adult work on Patreon. Social Blade site estimate that she get anywhere between $564 and $9K monthly.

We estimate that she earns somewhere around $1.800 per month from YouTube and around $2.000 per month from Patreon.

Social Profiles

YouTube: ASMR Cherry Crush @ YouTube
Vlog: ASMR Cherry Crush @ VLOG
Instagram: ASMR Cherry Crush @ Instagram
Twitter: ASMR Cherry Crush @ Twitter
Facebook: ASMR Cherry Crush @ Facebook