ASMR Darling (Taylor Darling) – Equipment and Setup


Taylor Darling also known as her YouTube alter ego ASMR Darling is an American YouTube content creator who specialize in ASMR videos. She was born at May 14, 1997 somewhere in Florida. Her residence is unknown because she tries to have some anonymity in real life.

Taylor started with YouTube back in 2014, but she become famous after starting series of ASMR sounds back in 2016. Her channel growth was stellar, reaching 1 million of subscribers in little bit longer than a year, and reaching 2 million subscribers in next 11 months.

She is 5’3″ tall (160 cm). Currently is single and has one sister and one brother. Her dog Arya often appear on her videos.

Her work was featured on television and many online magazines. She even collaborated with PewDiePie on some of his videos.

ASMR Darling channel specializes in ASMR videos, especially in the following genres: roleplaying ASMR, whispering videos, stuff touching sounds and closeups.

Equipment and gear

Little is known about ASMR Darling equipment and setup. This is mainly because she never published any equipment related videos (aside of unboxing couple of microphones). Her videos rarely show her surroundings, however in few clips and sentences she leaks some of the stuff she uses and here is what we found…


In her videos description you can find information that Taylor uses two Blue Spark SL Large Diaphragm studio condenser microphones connected to a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd gen USB audio interface.

Beside this setup, Blue Yeti mic can be regularly seen on her videos, especially older ones.

She also owns binaural POP microphone “DuoPop 2” which is a cheaper alternative to “3Dio” binaural microphones. It’s unclear did she bought it or she was sponsored by one.


All of her recent videos are recorded with a Canon 80D DSLR camera with standard kit lens. This camera is successor to a previously youtubers favorite camera Canon 70D which she owned in the past.

Income and Net Worth

Social Blade site estimate that she earns somewhere between $1.9K and $31K monthly. We estimate that she gets $7k per month.

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