ASMR Magic – Mics, Cameras and Bio


ASMR Magic is a British ASMR artists and a YouTuber. Her real name is Rhianna, but she keeps her surname private. She was born on December 12, 1987 somewhere in Britain. She has a younger brother and sister.

She was familiar with unintentional ASMR for quite long, but during 2012 she found the intentional ASMR videos and realized there are organized communities about the topic.

After being a sound consumer for years, she eventually learned more about autonomous sensory meridian response. In December 2015 she started her own ASMR channel and instant success arrived immediately. Currently she has almost 1.35 million subscribers and is considered as one of the world top ASMRtists.

ASMR Magic is one of the ASMR artists that don’t hesitate to support lesser known artists. She does that quite often in her comments, video descriptions, Reddit and other places online.

If we would give one interesting fact about her, it would be that she never had same nail polish twice in any of her videos.

She has few ASMR albums released on Amazon.


Rhianna is one of the ASMR artists that has largest amount of different microphones. Contrary to her mic collection, rest of her equipment is rather modest.


ASMR Magic in most of the videos uses 3Dio FS binaural microphone. In a few videos we can see that she uses B1-E dummy head with BE-P1 binaural mics.

She used Zoom H5 recorder but eventually it got broken and she moved to Tascam DR 40 recorder. After the move, lots of people complained to her, so she promised that she will go back to Zoom. Since April, 2019 that didn’t happened.

In certain videos you can see 2x Rode NT1 or 2x Rode NTG3 mics connected to either of the recorders mentioned above.


ASMR Magic is using Canon T5i with a kit lens as her main camera. It is unknown which camera she used in her early videos.


Rhianna uses Neewer 18-inch Dimmable Fluorescent Ring Light Kit purchased from Amazon.


She uses iMovie to edit her clips and videos.

Computer / PC / Laptop

Due her usage of iMovie, we deduce that she uses an Apple machine but it is not known exactly which one. People on Reddit suggested that she uses Macbook Pro from 2017.

Income and Net Worth

ASMR Magic net worth is unknown. However, when we talk about her YouTube earnings we can estimate that she earns somewhere around $13000 monthly. SocialBlade site agrees with out estimation, and they guess that she earns anywhere between $3.5K and $55.6K per month.

Social Profiles

YouTube: ASMR Magic @ YouTube
Twitter: ASMR Magic @ Twitter
Instagram: ASMR Magic @ Instagram