ASMR Phan – Camera, Microphone and Bio


ASMR Phan (real name unknown) is an American ASMR artist and YouTuber of Vietnamese descent. She was born on Jun 24, 1983 in Lacey, Washington, where she also currently lives.

Phan went for some time to college where she was studying computer programming but she didn’t finish it.

ASMR Phan is married and has two children. She also has younger brother. Her favorite food are lasagnas, all kind of pastas, but she also any food that is spicy. Interesting thing about her is that she often cooks meals with her mother.

On March 1, 2019 her family home got caught in house fire that spread from neighbor home and her house was partly destroyed. After the event, Phan initiated GoFundMe campaign asking fans to help her with rebuilding her house.

She began her ASMR career on Jun 4, 2018, after being silent viewer for years. First ASMR channel she watched was Peachy Panda channel. Phan is a friend with SAS-ASMR.

She specialized in mukbang (eating / chewing) sounds, though she experimented with whispering and tapping videos.


ASMR Phan doesn’t have lots of equipment. One microphone, one camera and basic lights is all what she has.


ASMR Phan uses Zoom H6 condenser microphone and recorder.


ASMR Phan uses Canon G7X camera in all of her videos.


ASMR Phan uses  Neewer 18″ ring light from Amazon.

Earnings / Income

Her net worth and monthly earnings are unknown. Social Blade site, that specializes into influencer stats, estimate that she earns anywhere from $3.9K and $63.1K monthly.

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