ASMR with Sasha – Bio, Microphone and Camera


ASMR with Sasha is a Spanish ASMR artist and a YouTuber. She shouldn’t be confused with the Sasha ASMR which is Canadian ASMR artist.

She was born and grow up somewhere in Spain. She currently lives in Rome, Italy.

“Sasha” is the most popular ASMR artist which do stuff on Spanish language and the fastest growing one. First video on her channel was “|ASMR Español| Water sounds, hands clean, soft whispering” uploaded on 13 April, 2016. Since then her channel collected 630.000 subscribers.

She is fluent in Spanish, English and Italian language.

She is 5 ft 7 in (168 cm) tall and weighs 52 kg.


Sasha has lots of equipment on her disposal, especially various choice of microphones. Her videos often feature differences in ASMR sound between different microphone models.

Microphones and Recorders

“ASMR with Sasha” uses the following microphones in her YouTube videos: Blue Yeti, Zoom H6, 3Dio Free Space, Rode NT1-a and Roland CS-10EM.


In her videos we can see two models of headphones… First one is ASMR Bluetooth Headphones by MaxRock (which are noise isolating). Second model (those big white studio headphones) is unknown to us.


Sasha records her YouTube videos with the now aged Sony A5100 camera.

Computer and Editing Software

Her computer specs and editing software are unknown.

Income / Net Worth

According to the SocialBlade web site, she gets from YouTube and Adsense anywhere between $2.1K – $33.4K monthly. We at EquipmentNerd estimate that she earns somewhere around $7.500 per month.

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