ASMRTheChew – Microphone, Camera and Bio


Spirit Payton aka ASMRTheChew is an American ASMR artist and a YouTuber. She was born on August 16, 1971 in Houston, Texas where she also currently lives.

She suffers from degenerative bone disease and anxiety, and because of this in 2012 she found ASMR videos to be soothing for her condition. After some time, she began experiment with creating content herself and eventually in October 2015 she Spirit started uploading it to YouTube, where people instantly recognized her effort, quality and dedication. Over time she managed to get 600.000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Spirit mostly experiment with various chewing, tapping and tingling sounds, but she often whispers or sometimes sing, which is real rarity in ASMR world.

Spirit is a single mother of two daughters and one son, who we have the chance to see from time to time in her videos.


Spirit began filming videos and recording ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) sounds on quite basic equipment. Later on, as she become more popular, she managed to get better gear.


She records all of her videos on a Blue Yeti microphone. In few videos she stated intentions in getting 3Dio binaural microphone.


In the beginning of her YouTube career she filmed videos with the Sony CyberShot H20 camera, but later on she moved to the Canon 80D camera.


She uses on camera video light made by Platinum, model PT-DVL308C2.

Computer and Editing Software

Her computer specs are unknown, so as the software she uses for editing.

Income and Earnings

SocialBlade site estimates that Spirit Payton earn anywhere between $646 and $10.3K monthly from YouTube. We estimate that her earnings are somewhere around $2k per month.

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