Aspyn Ovard – Camera, Microphone and Equipment


Aspyn Ovard is an American YouTuber, influencer, vlogger and fashion blogger. She was born on April 15, 1996, in Utah, US. She currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, US. Aspyn is married to YouTuber and vlogger Parker Ferris. They had a daughter named Cove in August 2019.

Aspyn started her YouTube career in August 2010. Nine years later her channel reached almost 3,5 million subscribers. The idea to start making videos for YouTube came when she was a teenager. Her mother Sasha, who is a hairdresser taught her how to do her make-up, beauty and hair tips, and Aspyn inherited Sasha’s love for fashion and shopping.

A young girl from Utah decided to share her knowledge with other girls on YouTube. So, she created a channel named „HauteBrilliance“ and started posting videos on it. Her charisma, cheerful and positivism attracted more and more young girls from all over the world, so the „army“ of her fans grew day by day.

Motivation and inspiration came from her subscribes, but also from style icon Lauren Elizabeth. She tries to follow her ideas, but in an innovative way. When she started posting vlogs, challenges, and pranks with her boyfriend Parker Ferris, her popularity has increased even more. So, they decided to create a channel named „Aspyn & Parker“. Their followers can enjoy watching videos from daily life, but also some special moments in their lives such as their wedding, Aspyn`s pregnancy, etc.

Channel named „Aspyn Ovard“ has over 3,5 million followers, and „Aspyn & Parker“ has 2,1 million subscribers. Aspyn also owns a pretty successful online store called „“.

She made appearances on TV shows “Royal Crush” and “AwesomenessTV”.

Aspyn was born in Utah, US. She grew up with her mother Sasha, younger sister Avery Elle, and two brothers – Trey and Tav. They also have their own channels on YouTube. She met Parker Ferris in high school, and since then they are inseparable. They engaged in August 2015. Two months later, the couple married. In August 2019, Asypn gave birth to a baby girl named Cove.



Aspyn uses several cameras, such as Canon EOS-1DX Mark II and Mark IV. She also uses Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II camera for vlogging. An American YouTube star uses Canon EF 24-70mm camera lens.


Like many other YouTubers, Ovard uses Rode VideoMic Pro camera microphone.


We noticed that she uses GorillaPod Focus camera tripod, Manfrotto MTO55XPRO3, and Manrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI mini tripod.


Since she creates many make-up tutorials she has to have good lighting. She usually uses CowboyStudio softbox lighting kit, and Neewer 14 inches ring light.

Laptop and Software

Aspyn uses Apple MacBook Pro15 laptop for editing and posting videos on YouTube. Like many of her colleagues, she uses Final Cut Pro video editing software.

Income and Net Worth

According to the channel named „Aspyn Ovard“ earns $326 to $5.2K monthly and between $3.9K and $62.6K a year. Her other channel monthly earns much more. According to data from the same site, a channel named „Aspyn and Parker“ earns $1.1K to $ 17.9K a month, and $13.4K to 215.1K a year.

In an estimate, her net worth as of 2019 is over $600K.

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