Bella Fiori – Camera, Microphone and Gear


Isabella Fiori, better known as Bella Fiori is an Australian YouTuber, vlogger, and influencer. She was born on June 21, 1997, in Pert, Australia. Bella currently lives in Brisbane, Australia. Her YouTube channel has over 2,1 million subscribers.

As a teenager, Bella was interested in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and pop culture. Her YouTube journey started in March 2015. Her followers enjoyed watching makeup tutorials, care and beauty tips, bits of advice on what to wear on different occasions, how to exercise properly e.t.c.

Later, she discovered her passion for documentary movies, mysteries, and strange stories. So, she started creating videos about real crime mysteries, mostly those of a violent nature, such as stalkings, disappearances, kidnappings and so on.

Many people her age found it interesting, so she became pretty popular on YouTube. With the new content, she expanded her auditorium, and her channel now has over 2,1 million subscribers. Bella also creates vlogs from her trips and vacations, and those are among the most popular on her channel.

She has 658K followers on Instagram, and she is a brand ambassador for the fashion line „Sisters“.

Isabella Fiori was born in Pert, Australia, but her family moved a lot, so she lived in Brisbane, England, and Abu Dhabi. She liked sports, especially soccer and athletics. She won many awards as the fastest girl in her category. After graduation from high school, she enrolled in psychology and criminalistics. A year later Bella chose criminalistics.

Since June 2013, she is in a relationship with Kerry Jull. Her followers had a chance to meet him on Bella`s videos. Bella is vegetarian, and she volunteers at a dog shelter.



Bella usually uses two types of cameras. For weekly uploaded videos she uses Canon EOS 70D and for vlogging she uses Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II.


Isabella Fiori uses Zoom H5 for voice recording purposes, but sometimes she record voice with on-camera microphone.


Like many other YouTubers, she uses the GorillaPod SLR zoom camera microphone.


Since she based her YouTube content on make-up tutorials, beauty and care tips it implies that Bella has a good lighting kit. She usually uses Neewer 14 inches ring light.


We noticed that she uses the Rode VideoMic Pro camera microphone.


Bella rarely uses a headset, but if you were watching her videos regularly you should have noticed that she uses Base QuietComfort 25 headphones.


For editing and posting videos Fiori uses Apple MacBook Pro 13 Laptop. We can`t be sure which software she uses for the same purpose, but we suspect on Final Cut Pro editor.

Income and Net Worth

According to Bella earns between $739 and $11.8K a month. Her estimated yearly earnings are between $8.9K and 141.8K. She has a net worth of $356K as of January 2020. That makes her one of the richest YouTube stars from Australia.

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