Chiara ASMR – Microphone, Camera and Bio


Chiara ASMR is an Italian ASMR artist, hair braid specialist and a YouTuber. She was born on December 17, 1993 in Reggio Emilia, Italy. She currently lives in Modena, where she is attending university.

She began her YouTube career back in 2014 with two channels, one about ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) sounds and second about hair styles and braid making. Chiara experimented with all kinds of ASMR sounds, from tapping and scratching to whispering on Italian, Spanish and English language.

Eventually her ASMR channel become mega popular and she become the most popular Italian ASMR artist in the world.

As we mentioned not much is known about her private life… We know that she studies Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology in Modena and that she is engaged. From her Instagram and Facebook pages we can also see that she travels a lot.


Chiara never mentioned what gear does she own, so we collected this list purely by watching her videos.


Chiara uses couple of microphones. In lots of her videos we can see Blue Yeti microphone which is most often used microphone by YouTubers. Some of her ASMR sounds are recorded with a Rode NT5 mic. She also uses SR3D binaural microphone.


We can see three recorders in her clips. First one is Tascam DR-05, second one is Zoom H1 and the third is Zoom H5.


Chiara records her videos with the Canon 6D Mark II camera with EF 16-35 mm lens. She also has Canon 1300D with stock lens.

Tripod, Backdrop and Lighting

She has one of the AmazonBasics tripod, which is according to the reviews cheap and reliable. Her backdrop is Neewer 6×9 in green color. Chiara improvised her lighting with the WenTop LED light strip in the length of 10 meters with 300 leds on it.

Income and Net Worth

Chiara never discussed her earnings online. She mentioned in one interview for Italian newspapers that she does get some sponsorship but didn’t define which and what one.

SocialBlade estimate that from YouTube and Adsense she earns anywhere between $1.7K and $26.6K monthly.

Judging by the number of views she has we estimate that $3k per month is the more realistic number.

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