EL ASMR – Microphone, Camera and Bio


Elvira Asile aka EL ASMR is an Italian YouTuber and an ASMR artist. She was born on September 14, 1994 Naples, Italy. Her current residence is unknown.

She began ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) career sometimes at the beginning of 2014. In the beginning she was only vlogging and doing ASMR on Italian language but after some time she began vlogging on Spanish and Japanese languages.

After the decision to vlog on Spanish her popularity increased exponentially. Her videos went viral among Latin ASMR communities. This gave an awkward situation where she only has 5{5e312a7d6424a8a6a4363b9e3c2ae67b383b1dbf68a8c385d81e3253fb46bbab} of her subscribers from Italy and rest are coming mostly from across the world.

This didn’t stop her to keep doing ASMR on Italian. Every Monday she uploads video on Italian and every Thursday she uploads video on Spanish.

Beside ASMR she also does drawing and sketching videos on her YouTube channel „Elvira Drawing Art“.

Elvira Asile speaks fluently Italian and Spanish.


Elvira has lots of quality gear on her disposal. She mentioned most of her equipment, in YouTube comments, but she does not do this regularly so we compiled this list of gear…

Microphones and Audio Recorders

El ASMR uses following microphones: Blue Yeti, Rode NT1-a (which she has two) and 3Dio Free Space binaural microphone.

She also owns two Zoom audio recorders: Zoom H1 and Zoom H6.


She filmed older videos with the Nikon L340 camera. Later on, she moved Canon EOS 200D DSLR.

Computer and Software

It is unknown what software does she use for video editing, so as her computer specs. We do now that she use Microsoft Windows operating system.

Income and Net Worth

SocialBlade site estimates that EL ASMR earns anywhere between $666 and $10.7K monthly from YouTube and Adsense, which is really a broad estimation.

If we would judge her earnings according to the number of YouTube views in June 2019, we would estimate her earnings to be somewhere around $2000 per month.

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