Ephemeral Rift – Microphone, Camera and Bio


Paul (surname unknown) aka Ephemeral Rift is an American ASMR artist and a YouTuber. He was born on May 17, 1971 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. His residence is unknown but some people are guessing it’s somewhere around Palmerton, PA.

In the beginning his channel was about little bit of everything, but sometimes in 2013 he started posting ASMR stuff. Paul experiment with ASMR genres but he is best known for his satirical, whispering and role playing ASMR videos.

He is married and has a son. From personal side Paul is an atheist, gamer, humanist, anarchist, skeptic and nature enthusiast. His favorite music genre is heavy metal. He is 5 Feet, 10 Inches (178 cm) tall.

Currently he has almost 650.000 subscribers.


Considering his tecnical background, no wonder his gear is well measured. He gets best for the buck gear and pull the best out of it.

Microphones and Audio Interfaces

Ephemeral Rift uses Zoom H4n and 2x Rode NT1 XLR connected to it.

He also has Soundcraft EPM 8 audio mixed and interface.


In the past he used Panasonic HDC-TM90 camcorder for filming, but in 2014 he moved to Panasonic GH4.

He also owns GoPro Hero3 Black Edition.


With his Panasonic camera he uses PANASONIC LUMIX G X, 12-35MM, F2.8 ASPH lens.

Tripods and Gimbals

Paul uses Gitzo G2220 Explorer 3 tripod which he bought back in 2003 when he was doing macro photography. He also has Beholder DS1 gimbal stabilizer.


It is unknown what lighting setup does he use.

Computer Specifications

His computer specs in late 2014 were as follows

Intel i5 4690 CPU
GeForce GTX 770
AsRock Z97 Extreme 4
Corsair CX 750M PSU
Unknown 24″ Acer Monitor
Dell SK-8135 KeyBoard

It is unknown did he changed his computer in last 5 years but it probably is.

Earnings / Net Worth

He never commented how much does he earn from YouTube, though he mentioned that he has a day job. Social Blade estimate that Paul earns anywhere between $1.5K and $24.1K per month.


During the years Ephemeral Rift left some controversial comments about fellow ASMR artists which sparked big discussions on Reddit and some other forums. His fans defended him by saying he was satirical while some claimed he was right for criticize artists who sexualize ASMR content.

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