Gentle Whispering ASMR (Maria Viktorovna) – Equipment, Setup and Bio


Maria Viktorovna also know as “Gentle Whispering ASMR” is a Russian-American ASMR artist. She is one of the most famous ASMRtists in the world with more than 1.6 million of subscribers to her YouTube channel.

She was born on July 22, 1986 in Lipetsk, Russia. Her mother is an architect and her father work at repair shop. She moved to United States in 2006 with her husband. After couple of years they started experiencing marital problems and finally they divorced in 2009. During that period, she discovered ASMR sounds and since community of people following ASMR trend was small, she decided to contribute.

In 2012 she met Darryl (surname unknown) online, who was also getting through painful divorce and they instantly clicked. Couple soon after got involved romantically, and couple of years later they got engaged. In February 2019 they’ve got daughter named Mila.

Her ASMR style could be described as whispering and role playing. She was featured in many medias such as Washington Post and TV shows such as Good Morning America and The Today Show.

She is partner with PixelWhipt, entertainment network but she regularly cowork with ASMRtists HeatherFeather and ASMRrequests. She is certified massage therapist and lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Experts estimate that she earns $130.000 yearly from her ASMR YouTube channel.

Equipment and gear

Gentle Whispering ASMR started with very basic equipment, but over time she acquired massive amount of gear. She currently has her own do-it-yourself home studio.


Maria has eight desktop mics and two camera microphones which she regularly uses.

For tutorial videos she uses Audio Technica clip-on AT803 microphone. For a recorder she uses 2x Zoom H4n and 1x Zoom H6 (often in 4-channel setup). For all of her ear-to-ear videos and role-playing videos she uses Blue Spark microphone. She says it’s perfect because it does not pickup too much popping and wet sounds videos and picks just enough of voice. Sometimes these are replaced with Sennheiser MK4 condenser mics.

Maria also has two Rode NT5 microphone for which she says she use them rarely and only for more detailed sounds.

For binaural recording “GentleWhispering“ sometime uses “SoundProfessional” Mini Binaural Microphones which is available on Amazon.

Her two on-camera mics are: Rode VideoMic Pro Plus and Pixel MC-50 High Sensitivity shotgun microphone.

Microphone Stands

She has 4 microphone stands: “DuaFire” Microphone arm stand, 2x HPS-101TB mic tripods, and a cheap double microphone stand from Amazon.

Mic Cables

Here is her choice of microphone cables: Mogami GOLD STUDIO-06 XLR Microphone Cable and cheap Mediabridge 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable.


She used to use two cameras: Nikon D3300 with kit lens for up-close recordings and Sony HDR-PJ10 for everything else. Recently she switched to Canon T7i with kit lens and Canon G7x.

PC / Laptop

She uses Lenovo Lenovo Yoga 2 Laptop and a HP Envy Desktop computer with HP 23-inch ES Series Ultrafast IPS monitor.


She uses Windows 10 operating system and Vegas PRO for video and audio editing.


Her computers are outside of her studio which is built from wood inside bigger apartment room. This is done purposely to reduce amount of noise and to improve acoustics of recording environment. In her videos she admitted that some of the recordings are being recorded, edited and worked on, for longer than 10 days.

Income and Net Worth

Some experts estimated that she earns $130.000 yearly from her ASMR YouTube channel. However if we consider earnings just from YouTube, we think that her earnings are somewhere around $10k per month.

Social Blade web site estimate that she gets anywhere between $2.7K and $42.9K monthly.

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