Hungry Cakes – Bio, Camera and Microphone


Hungry Cakes is an American / Filipino YouTuber and ASMR artist which records mostly mukbang videos. She was born on February 8, 1985 in Philippines. Currently she lives in California. Her family moved to US from Philippines when she was 15. She keeps her personal data private, but we know that her name is Rebekkah and nickname Becky.

She began YouTube career back in 2011 when she began recording cooking videos… However, that didn’t go well with viewers and eventually she stopped with cooking. In 2016 she published video “ASMR: Taco Bell Taco Supreme Eating Sounds” which almost instantly went viral and she began with her mukbang / autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) career. In the next 3 years she become uber popular, getting almost 700.000 subscriber to her YouTube channel.

She is fluent in English and Tagala language, but she also speaks and understand little bit of Spanish.

Rebekkah is married and she said in a Q&A video that her husband is Mexican. In 2018 couple got son Daniel. Beside YouTube she has day job where she works for Autism Awareness organization. In college she studied sociology


She is one of the YouTubers that has basic but quality equipment. Things that gets the job done, nothing more.


Hungry Cakes uses Canon Rebel T5i with kit lens for video recording.

Microphone and Recorder

She does not have stand alone microphone rather she has Zoom H6, recording device with integrated hiqh quality microphone. In her older videos she used Vidpro XM-L lavalier condenser microphone for Canon cameras.


Her computer specs are unknown.


It is unknown what software does she use for video editing.


She uses basic Neewer Led Ring lighting kit, which is available on Amazon.

Income and Net Worth

Hungry Cakes never disclosed how much money does she earn from YouTube, however Social Blade site that specializes in influencers stats estimate that Rebekah gets anywhere between $600 and $9.6K. We at EqipmentNerd estimate that she gets around $2000 monthly.

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