Jane ASMR 제인 – Bio, Camera and Microphone


Jane ASMR is a Korean ASMR artist and a YouTube star. She was born on May 16, 1999 in South Korea. Currently she is the most popular South Korean ASMR artist.

Almost nothing is known about her. She began her YouTube career back in 2012 and since then she manages to keep her personal details away from viewers and fans.

Jane specializes in mukbang ASMR videos.


She has only very basic cheap equipment (curiosity in YouTube world, considering what amount of money does she make).


Jane uses Canon 70D DSLR camera.


We couldn’t find what microphone does she use, but we guess that it is Roland CS-10EM binaural microphone.

Income and Net Worth

Social Blade estimate that Jane gets somewhere between $36.7K and $587.9K from her channel monthly. However, judging by the monthly view count, we estimate that her income is closer to $150.000 per month.

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