Jojo’s ASMR – Bio, Microphone and Camera


Jojo’s ASMR is an Australian Youtuber and ASMR artist. He was born on July 18, 1998 but we don’t know where. His real name is Jonah, his surname is unknown.

Jonah at first went with uploading Minecraft gameplay videos, but his channel didn’t go well. After making a pause, Jojo started uploading ASMR videos on Christmas of 2016 and he become instant success. His charming and tingling videos amassed 600.000 subscriber till may 2019.

He has a younger sister named Sasha, but most of the other details and stuff from his private life is unknown.

Jonah did some collab videos out of which the most popular is one made with ASMR Zeitgeist.


Jojo went with basic gear for most of his ASMR career. It took him 2 years after becoming popular, to start upgrading his microphones and cameras.


He began recording sounds with Blue Yeti. After his first Blue Yeti broke, he bought one again but in black color. He also has 2x Rode NT1-A and 3Dio FS XLR.


We can see that he often uses Tascam DR-05. He also has another recorder for his XLR mics, but we couldn’t figure which one.


He started recording clips with iPhone 6S, but later on he moved to Canon EOS 80D.


Jojo’s ASMR has couple of headphones on his disposal. In recent videos we can see him wearing Sennheiser HD 206, but in older videos we can see Chinese Beats knockoff headphones.


He uses Macbook Pro as his daily driver so as machine for editing videos.


He is one of the rare ASMR artists who use Telestream Screenflow 7.0 software for video and audio editing.

Income / Net Worth

Jonah never declared how much does he earn from YouTube. Social Blade site estimate that he gets anywhere between $2.7K and $42.6K monthly.

We on Equipment Nerd estimate that he gets somewhere around $8500 per month from YouTube alone.

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