LINH ASMR – Camera, Microphone and Bio


Linh ASMR is a Vietnamese ASMR artist and a YouTuber. She was born in 1990 in Hanoi, where she currently lives.

Not much is known about her life. She started her YouTube career back in 2014, but didn’t had much success.

Sometime at the beginning of the 2018 she was watching SAS ASMR eating videos and decided to pursue ASMR sounds. In less than a year she managed to get almost 1.06 million subscribers, but the breakthrough was the video where she eats raw octopus.

Linh specializes in food videos, specificaly eating, chewing and mukbang ASMR sounds and videos. Independent experts calculate that she earns somewhere around $11000 monthly.

From personal side we know that she is married and has two daughters. Her real name is unknown. She is not fluent in English, so she rarely replies to comments and messages. She has a dog named Kiki.

Her real-life jobs before YouTube career were being translator for local TV station and after that she was video editor for the same station.


Linh stated that in real life her family has video and technology related business. Apparently even as she can get any gear she wants, number of gadgets she uses is modest.


LINH ASMR films her videos with Canon 550D and Sigma ART 24-35mm F2.0 lens.


She uses two microphones. First one is Rode Shotgun R+ mic, and second mic is Aston Origin. Aston microphone is connected to an unknown USB audio interface, probably Scarlett 2i2. We figured from the comments on her channel, that lot’s people is impressed by the Aston mic.

Computer / PC

Specs and configuration of her computer are unknown.


For video editing Linh uses Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve 15 software.


LINH ASMR uses Fancierstudio 2000W lighting kit.

Social Profiles

YouTube: LINH ASMR @ YouTube
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