LottieLoves ASMR – Bio, Camera and Microphone


Lottie Fellows aka Lottie Loves ASMR is a British ASMR artists and a YouTuber. She was born on June 5th, 1999 in London. She currently lives in Alton, England.

She went on Alton Convent School, and currently is studying accounting and finance on University of Bath. During study, just before making career as ASMR artist she worked as a supermarket worker.

Her first experience with the ASMR was during primary school where her teacher used to softly read stories to her class. She would feel tingly and sleepy during it.

In 2018 her father and mother heard about the ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) on the radio and mentioned it to their daughter. Lottie was hooked instantly. After couple of months, while she was watching for a new hobby, she decided to try recording ASMR sounds. Subscribers kept coming so she continued recording. Currently she has almost 100.000 subscribers.

Her specialties are role playing sounds and videos. In one interview to local newspaper in September 2019 she told that by doing the ASMR she earns $50.000 per year.

She is 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall. She is not religious person and consider herself to be an atheist.


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Beats the usual gym wear/messy bun attire ✨🌙

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We looked through her videos extensively and found the following equipment and gear.


Lottie began recording with the industry standard, the Blue Yeti microphone. In 2019 she moved to a dual Rode NT1-a setup with the unknown recorder. We think she use either Scarlet 2i2 or a Zoom H6 audio recorder.


In the beginning Lottie used Canon EOS 1100d DSLR but later on she moved to an unknown camera. We think it’s a Canon 80D or a Canon M50.


It is obvious that she uses some kind of lighting in her videos but we couldn’t find which one.

Computer and Editing Software

We don’t know what computer and editing software does she use.

Income and Net Worth

In 2019 interview for a Lad Bible she said she is getting somewhere around $50k per year from her channel and videos. We don’t know her net worth.

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