Minee Eats (Minyoung Kim) – Camera, Microphone and Biography


Minyoung Kim also known as Minee Eats is a South Korean and American ASMR artist and a YouTuber.  Minee was born in 1994 in South Korea but she moved to United States in 2011. She lives in Marietta, Georgia, USA.

She grew up in South Korea, but when she was 17 years old, Minyoung moved to Georgia, USA where she attended local high school. After high school she entered into college and graduated in May 2018.

After watching ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) and mukbang videos she bought camera and simply began recording. Minee opened her channel in March 2017 and in less than a year she surpassed 100k subscribers. During second year her channel had immense growth and before march 2019 she managed to surpass 1 million subscribers.

Not much is known about her personal life except that her boyfriend name is Tony and that we can hear him in couple of videos.

In many comments on her videos we noticed that people are asking what lipstick does she use? Apparently Minee Eats uses Peripera Ink: The Cutest Lipstick, so as couple of other Peripera lip inks.

Gear and Equipment

Minee has basic gear she needs for videos to be done. Her equipment is in category of cheaper ones compared to other ASMR artists.


She uses MXL Mics 770 cardioid condenser microphone and with it she has Neewer adjustable microphone stand.

Audio Interface and Recorders

Minee connected her microphone to a Behringer U-Phoria UMC 22 audio interface which is further connected to a MacBook Pro 13. She also has Zoom H1 recorder which she used in some of the older videos.


Minee ASMR uses Canon EOS REBEL T7i EF-S DSLR camera with a standard 18-55 IS STM kit lens. Her older videos were recorder with the Canon M5 mirrorless camera.


Minyoung uses 2 generic umbrella soft-boxes from Amazon to provide lighting for her videos.


Minyoung Kim uses Apple Macbook Pro 13 laptop computer.

Income and Net Worth

Her net worth is unknown. However, Social Blade web site estimates that she earns anywhere between $5.6K and $90.2K monthly. We at EquipmentNerd estimate that her income from YouTube is somewhere around $20.000 per month.

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