Miniyu ASMR – Camera, Microphone and Biography


Yu Min Jung also known as Miniyu ASMR is a South Korean ASMR artist and a YouTuber. She was born on March 31, 1989 in South Korea. She currently lives in Hanam-si city.

She is considered as one of the first Korean ASMR artists and was the first Korean ASMR YouTuber that passed 100 million views. Currently in July 2019 she has 510.000 subscribers.

Miniyu ASMR created her channel back in 2013 and began uploading ASMR videos in 2014. Apparently before ending up as an ASMR artist, she tried to become actress. Unfortunately, due the unrelated college she failed, after which she tried doing office work, writing movie scripts and tutoring, where she managed to work max for a month or two…

Career failures influenced her self esteem that she ended up spending time on YouTube. She randomly stumbled on ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos and although she couldn’t understand words, videos were comforting.

After some time, she figured that there were almost no videos about ASMR in Korean language, so she decided to make those herself. She even didn’t have a clue one could make money out of YouTube by monetizing videos, until she collected thousand subscribers and views.

Miniyu thinks that on of the reason she become successful is the number of videos she was uploading during first year, she apparently recorded one video almost every day.

Yu Min Jung is one of the rare YouTubers that checks every comment on her clips.

In 2016 she was one of the TED Talk guest speakers.

Miniyu ASMR is a member of the Sandbox Network.


Considering that she is for over 5 years on the scene, there is no wonder she accumulated lots of equipment during that time. Here is what we found.

Microphone and Recorders

First microphone Miniyu used was integrated mic on a Zoom H1 audio recorder. Since then, she moved to a much better model Zoom H6 and she has two of those.

She has 2x Rode NT5 microphones, 2x 3Dio FS XLR microphone, and a B1-E Dummy Head With-P1 Binaural Microphone. She used to have SR3D binaural microphone but over time it got broken.


Miniyu ASMR uses Canon 80D DSLR camera. In the past she used Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7 mirrorless camera.

Computer and Software

Miniyu ASMR uses Apple Macbook Pro 13 and she edits videos on a Final Cut Pro X program.

Income and Net Worth

In one interview for a newspaper she mentioned that her first payment from YouTube back in 2014 was $150 and second one after that $450. Since that time, her earnings become bigger but she never commented those publicly.

SocialBlade site estimate that Miniyu earns anywhere between $488 and $7.8K monthly. We at EquipmentNerd estimate that she currently earns somewhere around $1500 per month.

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