Peaceful Cuisine is a YouTube channel by Japanese vegan and food vlogger Ryoya Takashima. Roya was born in 1983 in Kyoto, Japan where he currently lives and work.


Ryoya has lots of equipment he uses. In his video we counted number of cameras, lenses, tripods and mics. Here is the complete list

Cameras and Lenses

First camera he often uses is Panasonic GH4. It is the camera favored by budget cinematographers and vloggers. Lens he uses is Cosina Nokton 17.5 mm with variable ND filter. He also sometime uses Leica Summilux 15 mm F1.7 as a travel/mobility lens.

Second camera on his list is full frame Sony A7II mirrorless camera. He uses this one when he makes videos for Japanese YouTube channel. Ryoya said once, whenever he doesn’t have need for 4k video, he uses Sony.

For Sony A7II, Ryoya has 4 lenses: Sony 35 mm F1.4, Sony 90 mm F2.8, Sony 16-35 mm F4 and Sony 28-70 mm F3.5-5.6.

Third camera seen on “Peaceful Cuisine” videos is Nikon Df full frame camera. He uses the Nikon for taking food thumbnail pictures. With the Nikon, Ryoya Takashima uses Sigma 35 F1.4 and Nikon 55 mm F2.8 Micro lenses.

Forth camera in his arsenal is Sony RX100M4. He uses it as a behind the scenes camera and when he is on the move, because of its compact size.


Peaceful Cuisine uses couple of mics, but his main one, mounted on a Panasonic GH4 is a Rode Video Mic Pro.


Due the number of cameras he has plenty of tripods for his disposal. His main tripods are SLIK 823 PRO N, SLIK 923 PRO N and SLIK MINI PRO 7N.

Beside tripods in some of his clips we can see heavy use of slider. Ryoya uses Lubec ALX S8 slider.

PC / Laptop

Specs of his computer are unknown, but it is known that he uses Apple brand.


Peaceful Cuisine videos are edited on the Final Cut Pro X software.

Income / Earnings

He never disclosed his earnings and income from YouTube anywhere. It is hard to estimate how much does Ryoya earn, due the multiple factors but main being that he probably has some direct advertising deals due the sheer size of his channel. However SocialBlade estimate his monthly earning to be anywhere between $1.5K and $20K.


Peaceful Cuisine is a YouTube channel by Japanese vegan and food vlogger Ryoya Takashima. Roya was born in 1983 in Kyoto, Japan where he currently lives and work.

He said he had ordinary Japanese childhood. When he was 20, he moved to Australia to learn English. While living there he worked as a chef assistant and developed cooking skills and methods. After Australia he moved to New Zealand and lived there for little bit more than a year.

Eventually he moved back to Japan to work in his friend macrobiotic café and a small restaurant. He and the owner worked there alone and he had much more responsibilities which helped him to bake out his skills.

After some time he quit, and moved to Tokyo where he began teaching in vegan cooking class. For the class he needed to record videos, which he started to upload to YouTube, hence his channel were born. He became vegan somewhere around 23rd birthday.

Ryoya currently has two YouTube channels. First one being uber popular Peaceful Cuisine which counts over 2.6 million of subscribers, and second one being his own personal vlog where he has almost 320k subscribers.

His videos are considered as one of the most beautiful cooking videos you can find on YouTube.

Social Profiles

YouTube 1: Peaceful Cuisine @ YouTube
YouTube 2: Ryoya Takashima @ YouTube
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