Pelagea ASMR – Mics Setup and Gear


Pelageya Porfirovna also known as Pelagea ASMR is a Russian / German ASMR artist and a YouTuber. She started autonomous sensory meridian response video channel back in 2015 and quickly become famous.

Most of her personal data are unknown and she keeps her privacy quite well. Nobody knows when and where she was born but people guessing that she is in her mid-twenties.

Pelagea is specialized in roleplay ASMR and she uses her own beauty quite often to enchant viewers. She also gets much more comments per video than any other ASMRtists. Pelagea do live streaming from time to time on both YouTube and Twitch.

People praised how her English language become much better over time. However she stirred up some controversies, where few of her videos were NSFW (not safe for work) and hence got deleted from YouTube.


Similarly, as personal data, she keeps most of her equipment behind the cameras, and does not mention those in videos. She rarely mentions any of the gear in the descriptions too, but from time to time you can see some of the stuff she uses in the scenes. We watched her videos and made this collection.


She uses 2x Rode NT1-A mics with Behringer Xenyx 802 bus mixer. Beside these XLR mics, in a couple of videos she used ASMR favorite Blue Yeti mic, while some Pelagea videos are made with Zoom H4n microphone/recorder.

In one of her YouTube comments she stated that she has two 3Dio binaural microphones but that she does not use them because she doesn’t like the sound of those.


For live streaming she uses Logitech C930e web cam. Until February 2019 she used Canon 70D, after which she moved to Sony A6400 mirrorless camera.


Until early 2019 Pelagea used older model of 17” Acer Aspire laptop. Somewhere in late January or early February she got new one, though yet undisclosed brand and model.


Her videos are edited either by Sony Vegas Pro or Pinnacle Studio 22 on a Windows 10.

Keyboard and Mouse

Pelagea Porfirovna uses cheap Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse set, the MK270 combo.

Income / Net Worth

It is unknown how much money Pelagea make. Social Blade site estimate that she has anywhere between $2.4K and $37.9K. Our estimation is that she gets around $5k just from YouTube and unknown amount from other sources such as Patreon and sponsorships…

Social Profiles

YouTube: Pelagea @ YouTube
Facebook: Pelagea @ Facebook
Instagram: Pelagea @ Instagram
vKontakte: Pelagea @ VK
Twitch: Pelagea @ Twitch