PierreG ASMR – Microphones, Camera and Bio


PierreG ASMR is a French YouTuber and ASMR artist. He was born in 1979 in Lyon. Almost nothing personal is known about him so this section is quite poor with information.

We know that he creates videos in many languages, but he is fluent in French, Japanese, Korean and English. He also knows little bit of Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Indonesian.

He lived in Japan for some time before returning back to France. While living in Japan he worked as a translator for a number of video games such as

Pierre has two cats and likes metal music.


Pierre has lots of equipment on his disposal, ranging from few different microphones till few different audio recorders.


In his videos we can see lots of microphones being used. He has 2x Rode NT1-a mics, 2x Lewitt LCT 440 mics, couple of cheap $1 and $2 lavalier microphones. Most of his recording are done, though, on the Rode NT1-a Mics and Zoom H6 audio recorders internal microphones.


Pierre uses Stagg SMC3 high quality microphone cables with lifetime warranty.

Audio Recorders

In his clips and Instagram profiles we can see that he has and use two audio recording devices: Tascam DR-40 and Zoom H6.


Pierre uses Panasonic GH4 camera.


Pierre uses two classic umbrella lights with stands, which are available on Amazon.

PC and Editing Software

In one of his Instagram photos we can see laptop on the table but we were unable to figure out model from the given picture.

Income and Net Worth

Judging by the stats on SocialBlade we estimate that he gets somewhere around $4k per month from YouTube. Though SocialBlade estimate that Pierre earns anywhere between $1.1K and $17.8K per month.

Social Profiles