PPOMO ASMR – Mics, Equipment and Setup


PPOMO is a YouTube star and ASMR artist from South Korea. Her real name is unknown. She was born on February 23, 1992 in Seoul, where she currently lives.

She started her YouTube channel back in 2013 and in the beginning she posted gameplay and walkthroughs videos for FEAR, Bioshock and other first-person shooter games.

Somewhere in 2015 she deleted all of her gaming videos and went in with ASMR sounds. With unique insight and different approach comparing to other ASMR artists she quickly propelled to YouTube stardom. Currently she is one of the top ASMRtists in the world and has 1.91 million subscribers

On a Patreon profile she said that her hobbies are video games, anime, music and singing. Beside main channel she owns couple of more YouTube channels, mainly dedicated to Korean market.

She mostly makes whisper and touching videos and she uses both Korean and English language in her videos. Usually PPOMO videos have subtitles on a couple of additional languages. She is 5′ 4″ (162 cm) tall.


Data available about PPOMO gear is inversely proportional to her popularity.  She never mentioned single device in her videos or video descriptions. We only found bits and pieces by watching her clips.


In lots of her videos we can see that she uses two 3Dio binaural microphones: 3Dio FS XLR and 3Dio FS Pro II.

She also has 2 studio microphones connected to a audio interface, but we couldn’t find which brand and models.


Her videos are recorded with a Canon 80D DSL camera.


In one of her videos you can see that she has four keyboards. However, those all are unknown low-end generic brand keyboard models.

PC and Software

Her computer specs and editing software are unknown.

Income / Net Worth

Social Blade site estimates that she earns anywhere between $3.1K and $49.6K monthly. Our personal estimation, when compared with some other artists who disclosed YouTube earnings fall around $9916,8 per month.

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