Primitive Technology (John Plant) – Bio, Camera and Microphone


John Plant is an Australian YouTuber. His birthplace and age are unknown, so as most of details about his life. His identity become known when he submitted complaint to Facebook for people stealing his YouTube videos and sharing it on the platform. He is Bachelor of Science majoring in rain-forest science.

He began Primitive Technology YouTube channel back in 2015. John never thought it would become so big and popular. Living in wilderness and surviving without any modern technology was simply his hobby from childhood which he decided to film.

Over time Primitive Technology become so much popular that it spawned hundreds of copycats and videos reproducing his unique filming style. He began filming on friend plot, but eventually made enough money to buy his own land.

In reality, he does not live in wilderness but rather in a modern apartment in modern city.

During 2019 he released a book “Primitive Technology: A survivalist’s guide to building tools, shelters, and more in the wild”.

Currently his YouTube channel is counting almost 10 million subscribers.


“Primitive Technology” began filming with cheap camera, integrated camera microphone and cheap stand without any other gear. Eventually he moved to better stuff.


“Primitive Technology” uses Nikon D3200 DSLR camera for video filming, with 18-55mm DX VR kit lens.


He uses integrated microphone from Nikon D3200.


“Primitive Technology” uses Manfrotto MK190X3-2W tripod with unknown fluid head on it.

Computer and Editing Software

We couldn’t find what computer and editing software John use.

Net Worth and Income

Although in the first two years he didn’t had much views and income, his channel eventually exploded.

Social Blade estimate that John Plant currently earns anywhere between $3.7K and $59.8K per month.

Considering the number of views on his channel, we at “Equipment Nerd” estimate that he gets somewhere around $15000 monthly.

Social Profiles

John Plant does not have any social profiles. He even strictly announced that all of the profiles which try to represent him are fake.