Sissi N.E Let’s Eat – Bio, Mics and Gear


N.E Let’s Eat is a YouTube reality family who records ASMR and mukbang videos. Family consist of mother (Sissi) and two kids (Nicholas and Emma). Father is not visible in videos.

Sissi N.E was born on August 19, 1984 in Toronto, Canada, but the family lives in Vancouver, Canada. Sissi and her family specialized in eating / chewing videos, genre which is known under name “mukbang”.

SAS-ASMR, one of the most famous ASMR / mukbang youtubers, is the sister of Sissi. Sissi is 2 years younger of SAS.

Before ASMR career Sissi used to be retail manager for more than 10 years, but after birth of her children she made a choice to stop working and concentrate on parenting.

Her husband is from Philippines, but nothing else is know about him, since he stays away from camera, though we can see him on the few of their pictures on Instagram.

Family opened their YouTube channel on October 6, 2015 because SAS-ASMR convinced them to do so. They didn’t know anything about video editing or ASMR but they learned on the fly. Due the fact that in their videos they have minors involved, family decided to keeps YouTube comments closed.

Their subscribers since then skyrocketed and they are currently on 2.6 million subscribers. With those numbers they are considered as one of the top five mukbang / asmr artists on the YouTube.


N.E Let’s Eat family uses basic equipment since their beginning. They are the living proof that you don’t need thousand of bucks invested in gear to make successful video. Their gear is worth hardly $300.


Sissi and her kids only use one microphone and is the ASMR favorite and most popular microphone Blue Yeti.


They used to use Logitech C930e camera, but in the more recent videos they moved to Canon G7X camera.


N.E Let’s Eat uses basic Neewer lighting kit from Amazon.

Income and Net Worth

According to a Social Blade, site that tracks statistics of YouTubers, Sissi earns anywhere between $3.7K and $59.8K monthly. We at Equipment Nerd estimate that she is somewhere around $15.000 per month.

Social Profiles

YouTube: Sissi N.E Let’s Eat @ YouTube
Instagram: Sissi N.E Let’s Eat @ Instagram