Soy ASMR – Microphone, Camera and Bio


Soyeon Kim also known as Soy ASMR is a South Korean YouTuber and an ASMR artist. She was born in 1993 in Seoul, Republic of Korea, where she also currently lives.

When she was little her parents moved to Philippines. After high school, she studied psychology there, but since that was hard for her, she switched to hotel and restaurant management. Unfortunately, she didn’t finish that either, because of her family decision to move back to Korea.

This move was hard period for Soy and it sparkled insomnia. While battling it, she found ASMR videos and calming effects of it. After some time, she decided to make her own ASMR sounds.

She began uploading those in early 2014 but eventually stopped and completely forgot on it. Eventually after logging in YouTube she was amazed to see thousands of comments and 7k subscribers asking for more, and she complied.

Before ASMR career she worked as a translator and quality assurance professional for a video game company.

She has a boyfriend and together they work on another YouTube channel “또소이 리얼사운드 Ddosoy Realsound”.

Soy ASMR is fluent in Korean, English and Tagalog. She is 5 in 6 ft (167 cm) tall. She has one brother and one sister.


Soy began with basic gear and moved to better equipment on the fly. She was looking what other ASMR artists use and picked things she likes.


Soy favorite microphone is Rode NTG3 and she has two of those. She also has Blue Yeti mic and two cheap Excelvan BM-800 cardioid condenser mics which she very rarely use.

Soy has two binaural microphones: 3Dio FS and B1-E binaural head with BE-P1 binaural microphone.


Soy has couple of recorders. She is one of the rare ASMR artists which routinely use Sony PCM D50 audio recorder. She also has Zoom H6 and Zoom H1.


Soy uses Panasonic G7 camera for filming needs. Her older videos were recorded with a Canon G5X camera



Her computer specs are unknown.


Soy uses improvised DIY lighting.

Income and Net Worth

Soy is one of the rare ASMR artists and YouTubers which admitted how much does she earn monthly from YouTube. Apparently, her earnings vary each month and range from $2000 till $5000.

SocialBlade estimated that she earns anywhere between $731 and $11.7K per month.

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