Tingting ASMR – Camera, Microphone and Bio


Tingting ASMR is the most popular Chinese ASMR artist on YouTube. She was born on December 1, 1991 in Shangai, China. She currently lives in Los Angeles, USA. Her real name is unknown.

She began her ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) career in August 2017 when she created her YouTube channel. Her videos gained instant success.

Since YouTube is blocked in China, she had many obstacles in gaining subscribers and views. However, many people copied her videos to biggest Chinese streaming sites such as Youku and Bilibili.

Eventually Chinese government decided to ban ASMR videos calling them vulgar and lascivious. Which forced many ASMR artists to move out of China or continue working underground.

Tingting ASMR continued to gain views and followers regardless of ban and is currently most popular Chinese ASMR artist on YouTube with over 620.000 subscribers. She also has significant fan base on Instagram where she has 22k followers.

She specializes in whispering and tapping videos on both English and Chinese language. Tingting maintains another YouTube channel where she does no talk ASMR. On the second channel called Ting Tingles ASMR she has 164.290 subscribers.

Beside YouTube she sometimes does live video game streaming on Twitch, where she plays League of Legends or Battlegrounds FPP game.

One of the most asked question among Ting Ting fans is what nail polish does she use? In a couple of videos, we see that she exclusively uses Nails Inc brand.


Tingting is one of the ASMR artists with sensible amount of gear she uses daily. We watched her videos and compiled list of equipment in her arsenal.


In the beginning of her career she went on with Blue Yeti microphone. Later on, she moved to 3Dio FS and recently we noticed that she has setup of 2x Rode NT1 A mics connected to an unknown recording interface, probably ZOOM H4n or Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio interface.


Her videos are recorded with a Sony A7RII mirrorless camera and a Sony Zeiss 50mm 1.4 lens


She uses Excelone lighting kit from Amazon.

Computer / Software

Her computer specs and video editing software are unknown.

Income / Net worth

She never declared how much does she earn from YouTube. SocialBlade site estimate that she earns anywhere between $2k and $32k monthly. However, our personal estimation compared with some other ASMR artists who published their earnings is that she gets $6.500 per month from YouTube, around $500 monthly from Patreon and unknown amount from video sponsorships.

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